It's the last day of January! I wish I had a bunch of stuff to show you but January has just been slow. I have not finished any monsters! Can you believe that!? I have so many started, but nothing done. I haven't even knit in a few weeks... and for me, that's weird.

What I have been doing is a ton of crochet. I've been making hats, chunky yarn cowls and I just finished an infinity scarf
for friends. All these things are practical. It has been SO COLD. So very very cold.

I took this photo because I needed to have an artist picture for a website that will be selling clothing using my designs. That site will be launching soon and when it does, I'll post the link here! The photo shows one of the crocheted hats I mentioned before.
February will bring new things! I have a show on February 14th so, at the very least, it'll mean that the pile of unfinished monsters will be finished.
Llama snow angel? Good try, Matthew.
I could have used my time yesterday to knit or work on designing. Anything productive. But no. It was blizzarding outside and I wasn't going anywhere and I also wasn't doing anything. I made it through the -6F morning curled up with a blanket watching how bad it was through the window and listening to how bad it was on TV. I briefly went outside to confirm that boiling water does in fact vaporize instantly if you throw it into the subzero air. By the time we reached a daily high of 3F, I had pretty much decided that I was going to spend the day in my PJs and fully appreciate the joy of wool socks. The wind was consistently around 20-30 mph and wind chills were near -30F.

Today, by comparison, is lovely. It's 7F already. Heatwave. And there is a glowing spot in the sky. Even though it is still lightly snowing, it's not blowing. I went outside to check it out. And even though it is bitterly cold the snow looks beautiful.
Backyard pine trees and sun. Well, almost sun.
In the summer these were purple coneflower. The way the snow piled up on these was pretty.
I brought Matthew the Llama outside too for a little photo shoot. He tried to make a snow angel but it turns out llamas aren't too good at that. Ah well. I think the pictures are funny :)

Stay warm everyone!
It's winter in Western New York. This is what it looked like this afternoon. The camera creates an illusion because with the naked eye, you could barely see the tree and couldn't see the house across the street at all! The weatherguys are predicting 2-3 FEET of snow and really strong winds. Yep, we got a blizzard warning!

Despite being home a lot because of the weather, I really haven't accomplished much knitting yet in 2014. I did use a pattern from to knit an anatomical heart which I made into a monster. The pattern knit up pretty easily and I recommend it. The monster itself is a gift for my professor who just had open heart surgery. It will be a while before I can visit and give it to him because he is very susceptible to illness and it's flu season and I am excited to see what he thinks of it. He has a great sense of humor and I hope he will think it's really funny :)

I took some photos of the monster heart and came up with an idea to use it as a greeting card. If you've seen the cards I make with my monsters, you know I try to make them colorful, cheerful and fun. I hope this card fits those criteria. It already got pretty good feedback on Facebook so with some minor adjustments, I'm ready to send it to get printed. I think it would be a fun Valentine's Day card.
I want to spend this month knitting different shapes. It is weird to try to follow a pattern after years of making up my own. I'm hoping that I can learn some new techniques that I can use to create more fun monsters in the future. I want to try to knit a chameleon next... We'll see!
It is New Years Eve. I can't believe how quickly this year flew by... especially after 2012, which seemed to drag on for eternity. I am happy to say that 2013 was pretty nice. I didn't have any huge life-changing events [but after 2012 I didn't need any!] but I will remember 2013 as a "pretty nice" year.

It is really crazy that Christmas was a week ago already. I am always so busy right up until Christmas Eve working on last minute commissions and gifts. This year I gave myself a 3 day break from knitting starting on Christmas day. I meant to go a whole week, but my hands were bored. I had no idea what to do with myself. Apparently I can't just watch TV for entertainment, I have to be DOING something too. Oh well.

Here's just a few of the gifts and special orders of the season: I was honored to make a friend who graduated with me from High School a little owl to compliment her son's nursery. I crocheted a few cute cowls for gifts and remembered how satisfying crochet can be. A nice customer commissioned eight cute small round oddballs for gifts. I designed and knit a few monster stocking ornaments for gifts. I think they are cute enough to make for the holiday 2014 season. [Always thinking ahead!] My dad asked for a honey badger. I knit him a honey badger [pattern by
Miriam L. Felton] and a cobra. I made some ornaments with sparkly yarn that looked like gold tinsel. And, last but not least, my boyfriend's mom got the little white llama she wanted. And she loved it!
One big project that I completed this season was knitting stockings for my friend Emily's whole family! Emily blogged about her new "forever stockings" on her blog, I was so honored that Emily asked me to do this and I had a lot of fun [and a little frustration] figuring out how to make something new.
The stockings weren't the only new project of 2013. I also started to test my design skills and made a successful [SOLD OUT!] line of tie dye monster onesies. I then went bigger and designed two really fun monster tshirts. My Uncle Vince picked out the tshirts above when he was visiting in September and brought them back to the ladies he works with in the Philippines as gifts. I love that they hung a little monster ornament from their sign too. :)

Looking back, I think my favorite project of the year was my monster yarn bomb. I had never done any site specific knitting and loved decorating one of my favorite places [the SUNY Fredonia campus] with warm, friendly knitting during the cold, cold winter months.  
Goodbye 2013. I don't have any big projects in the works, but something always comes along. And when it does, I'll fill you in. Happy 2014.
The Mayday! show in Rochester is over and I've already switched gears to start preparing for Buffalo Women's Gifts. Women's Gifts is one of my favorite shows that I do and this will be my 4th year! In case you're in the Buffalo area and are interested in attending, the show is held at Babeville on Saturday November 16th and goes from 10am through 5pm. Admission is free and there will be tons of great vendors and food trucks!
Although I already posted these pictures on my Facebook page, I wanted to share them here as well. My friend Allison and I had a little fun posing the monsters for pictures during a lull on Sunday afternoon. The monsters are meant to make you smile and I hope that these pictures brighten your day!
Everything is now confirmed! So here is the long awaited [for me anyway! The waiting game is always soooo hard!] HOLIDAY SHOW SCHEDULE! This November and December my monsters can be spotted in Buffalo, Rochester and Utica, New York! Hope you can make one of th
Sorry guys... I really was excited about the Music is Art Festival, but unfortunately the weather made it completely impossible to be a vendor today. I arrived in a downpour and the tents they had set up for the art vendors were leaking right through. I came home and drew this monster. He completely sums up how I feel about today. I'm really sorry if you went to MiA and were looking for me. That's how outdoor shows are though... sometimes good, sometimes not. Hopefully the next time the weather cooperates!

If you like puddle jumping and dancing in the rain, you can still go! The event happens rain or shine and goes late into the evening! There's still tons of music, food to eat and stuff to do! I think the rain is even starting to ease up. So enjoy :)




You may have noticed I like llamas. My business card has a monster riding a llama... my website and facebook currently have a monster riding a llama as the top banner... and ... well, stay tuned, I'll let the other thing be a surprise. I decided to try and knit some llamas. Eventually I want to make a sculpture of the monster riding the llama. I am still working out my pattern for these guys, but I'm pretty happy with the cuteness level of these two llamas!

I don't really have much to say about them, so this is going to be a mostly picture post. Enjoy :)
See ya next time.
This will be my second year as a art vendor at the Music is Art Festival! This year the festival is Saturday September 21st and it runs all day. We set up at Delaware Park behind the Albright Knox and just like last year, I should be right near the rose garden.

What I'd like to know is...
What kinds of things do you want to see?
Monsters? Fuzzy Monsters? Neon? Owls? Ornaments? Hats? Can Cozies? Phone Cozies? Cards? Onesies? Tshirts [eeek! That would be awesome.]

Let me know. I want to stock up my booth with lots of happy awesomeness. Leave a comment with what you'd like to see and I'll make it happen.